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User Protection

The process of handling inquiries and complaints
o Users are entitled to present their complaints to their service provider, provided that the complaint is submitted within 60 days of the incident, or the disputed bill, unless it was proved that the user was not aware of the bill or the incident at the time of its occurrence.
o Complaints will be processed within 5 days.
For any inquiries or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us through:
• Zain Customer services by calling 959 or 0590000959 from other operators.
• Visiting Zain shops, to know your  nearest Zain shop click here.
• Self-services portal (My Zain account) in Zain website   
• Live chat in Zain website   
Zain App.
• Zain customer service in Social Media (Facebook, linked in, Instagram, twitter, Email)
o Customer will receive a reference number with expected time to resolve the complaint via SMS.
o In the event that the expected period ends before the complaint is processed, the user will be informed of the progress of his complaint and the expected new period of termination.
o Customer will receive a written response to their complaint via a text.

Line Validity  

In order to avoid line disconnection, the customer will have to do one of the following transactions 
at least once every 90 days: 
-   Placing calls
-   Sending SMS
-   Browsing the internet
-   Recharging with any amount
If the customer did not make one of the above transactions within the 90 days period, the line will be receiving calls only, and must be recharge within the period of 30 days to avoid termination.  
Validity rules apply on prepaid lines except Noor. 
Available recharge amounts through channels:

Vouchers & E-Vouchers (SAR) 5 10 20 50 100
SADAD & Online top ups (SAR) 5<

Each prepaid customer has 10 invalid tries to recharge the account, then the recharging will be blocked and the customers will have to call 959 to unblock the service. 
Customers who port in from other operators to Zain prepaid lines, and customers who migrated from postpaid to prepaid will not get initial balance, and should recharge with the available amounts in order to enjoy Zain services. 
In case of migrating from prepaid to postpaid, the customer will lose the balance on his/her prepaid line. 

Now you can check the numbers registered under your ID/Iqama by sending an empty SMS to 700123

For more information, please visit the nearest Zain shop or call 959 

-To block all advertisement SMS, kindly send Stop to 705000

-To block a SMS from a specific advertisement sender, simply send: stop –space- sender name to 705000

-To activate or continue receiving the advertisement SMS, send “Start” to 705000

-For more details on the regulation for reduction of SPAM, please visit CITC website

To avoid any additional data charges, please note that your internet pay as you go service outside your data package or benefits has been stopped.
You can enable the internet pay as you go service again by sending ED to 959
For more information about our internet packages, send Data to 959