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Zain Fiber

Enjoy Zain’s Fiber optics to the home with variety of speeds! by subscribing into the following postpaid packages suits you the most:



Zain Fiber 50

Zain Fiber 75

Zain Fiber 100*

Zain Fiber 500

Download Speed

Up to 50 Mbps

Up to 75 Mbps

Up to 100 Mbps

Up to 500 Mbps

Upload Speed Up to 12 Mbps Up to 18 Mbps Up to 25 Mbps Up to 125 Mbps

Monthly fees**

269 SAR

299 SAR

399 SAR  199 SAR

 999 SAR

Installation fees Free
Device fees Free
  Product Cards  Product Cards  Product Cards  Product Cards 

*Limited time offer where the customer shall enjoy a discounted package for 3 months.
**The above prices are exclusive of 5% VAT


Zain Fiber Wi-Fi Extender:

To get Zain Fiber Wi-Fi extender  kindly click here



Add-on service provided by Zain Fiber to increase your main upload speed, which will allow you to enjoy watching movies and series, play online games in high speed without lagging! Also, the service will allow you to send large documents and upload files to share photos and videos with your family and friends through social media or email in a few seconds without waiting. 


Zain Fiber 50

Zain Fiber 75

Zain Fiber 100

Zain Fiber 500

Main upload speed without the key

Up to 12 Mbps

Up to 18 Mbps

Up to 25  Mbps

Up to 125  Mbps

New upload speed with the key

Up to 24 Mbps

Up to 37.5 Mbps

Up to 50 Mbps

Included with main package

*Monthly fees

39 SAR

*The above price is exclusive of 5% VAT.

To request the upload key service, kindly contact Customer Care 959.


Check availability of districts and the cities from list below :

Al Naseem Al.Sharqi Service Request
Al Naseem Al.Gharbi Service Request
Al Malqa Service Request
Dahrat Laban Service Request
As Salam Service Request
Ar Rawabi Service Request
NEMAR Service Request
Al Marwa Service Request
Dirab Service Request
Okad Service Request
Al Zhraa Service Request
Al Fayhaa Service Request
Al Samir Service Request
Al Ajwad Service Request
Abdullah Fouad Service Request
Madinat Al Umaal Service Request
Muhammed Bin Saud Service Request
Aladamah Service Request
Al Qaswaa Service Request
Al Matar Service Request
Al Qatif
Al Jazirah Service Request
Al Khamisah Service Request
Al Majidiyah Service Request
Al Rabiah Service Request

What’s the steps to get Zain Fiber service?

  1. Requesting the service:
  • Fill out the Online service request.
  • Or by calling Customer Care +966590000959 or 959 from Zain Line.


  1. Signing the Contract Appointment::
  • Zain team will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to choose the suitable package for you and sign the contract.


  1. Before Installation:
  • The installation team will contact you to confirm your order and inform you about the estimated time for arriving to your location.
  • Signing the E-Contract before the installation.


  1. After Installation:
  • Signing the User Acceptance form after the Installation


What’s FTTH Fiber optics technology? 

FTTH is Fiber to the home which provides high speed fiber optics cables to each home individually

How can I subscribe to Zain Fiber service?

The Customer must have fiber network connected to his/her resident to make sure
that the technology is provided in your neighborhood, please visit Zain Fiber online service request
to ensure if the service covers your house or not

Is Zain Fiber service available in all the neighborhoods? 

Zain Fiber is service available in selected areas.
However, Zain KSA is in process of extending fiber optic service in different areas in the kingdom.

Is the FTTH fiber optics technology better than any current technology’s, DSL, 3G&4G?

Definitely, FTTH fiber optics is better if you need high speed and consistency in the level of service.
Allowing you & your family to use the internet in the same time at high speed from a single source

Is there any FUP applied on the Zain Fiber Service?

No, it is unlimited internet there is no FUP applied on Zain Fiber Service

Is there a minimum commitment period required from the customers?

The minimum commitment period is 12 months. Any cancelation during the commitment period will be subject to
Early Termination Fees.
No penalty will be applied if service is cancelled after contract period commitment.

How can Zain Fiber customer pay the bill?

The customer can pay bill using the following methods:

  • Zain KSA Website (Quick Pay)
  • Through SADAD service.
  • Zain shops by providing the Subscription Number