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Bill and Payment

Zain appreciates your busy day and valuable time, for this reason, there are multiple channels devised for bill payment to assure your convenience.

Auto payment

Auto payment service to facilitate payment of your bills and avoid separating your line,To take advantage of this service, follow these steps:
 •    Register in my account through the Zain website
 •    Select automatic payment from the Billing and Payment menu
 •    Enter your e-mail and tap New Card
 •    Add your card information and password sent by your bank
 •    After you add the card, you can schedule the payment
 •    Select payment type (prepaid line - postpaid line)

  Postpaid line
   •    Enter the number to be scheduled for payment
   •    Choose (pay the exact invoice amount or pay a specified amount)
   •    Select the saved card
   •    Select the start date and frequency of payment

  Prepaid line
   •    Enter the number to be scheduled for payment
   •    Choose the amount
   •    Select the saved card
   •    Select the start date and frequency of payment

Pay Using Sadad OLP:

•    You must register for SADAD OLP by logging to your online banking account
•    When you register online, you will be asked to create a username and password to be used when making online transactions
•    When you make the online transaction, kindly follow the process below:
        -  Choose SADAD OLP as a payment method
        -  Enter your SADAD username that was created previously
        -  Enter the one time password sent to your mobile.
        -  Confirm and finish payment

Pay Using Sadad:
    If you are using any of the below channels
        -   Through ATM
        -   Phone Banking
        -   Banks Websites: free access
        -   Banks Mobile Applications

    Please follow the following steps:
       1.  Select the company category (Telecommunications)
       2.  Select Zain or 044
       3.  Select line type (Postpaid or Prepaid)
       4.  Insert the subscriber number:
       a.  Voice Numbers: Enter the subscriber number without the 0 “zero” example:591234567
       b.  Data Numbers: Use the 12 digits data number start with (831)* example: 831234567891

    *How to Get the Data Line Number:
       -   Access your personal account “My Account” from Zain website using your line and you will get the number from the self-care.
       -   If you are using mobile device dial *144#
       -   Contact our customer service by calling 959 from a Zain number or 0590000959 for other operators.
       -   Contact our live agents via Live Chat system on Zain website.
       -   Contact our live agents via Social Media account.



Access your bank account:
    ( FREE access in case your line is DISCONNECTED OR OUT OF BUNDLES ).



Pay Using Zain website:
   Through Zain website (My Account) you can pay using (Visa, Master Card, American Express)


Pay Using Advanced Zain App:
You need simply to follow the below steps:

1.Download the app .
2.Register your account.
3.Select bills.
4.Choose the suitable mean of payment.
5.Settle the bill.

How to get the App:
Click on the icon's below


Pay Using Recharge Cards:
   By sending “pay” followed by the recharge card number to 959 from your line.




Service description

Show your last detailed bill issued for your line for free by using your phone through the e-bill service for zain.

How to get this Service:

1-   Direct Link:
You can browse your bill directly from your cell phone via link: and before you open the link, make sure to
-    Turn off your Wifi network in your mobile
-    Cellular Data ON
-    Choosing zain network [2G,3G,4G  ]
This service is available on IOS, Android, and blackberry.

2-   SMS
To be able to browse the monthly bill details through SMS, please send BS or BD to 959 as you will receive an SMS contains your bill link.

3-   E-mail
When you subscribe to this service, your bill will be send monthly to your email.
To register your email,
Please send SMS to 959 as following: The SMS contains E additional to your E-mail .
For example: E 123@xxxx.Com
If you want to change the E-mail, please send U and you new E-mail to 959.
For example: U 123@xxxx.Com