Visitors Package

Visitors Package

 With Zain’s Visitors’ Line,
Stay in touch with your loved ones here & back home starting from 55H only!

Zain’s Visitors’ Line is a prepaid offer catering specifically to visitors coming to the Kingdom for the purposes of Umra, Hajj, business or tourism. Providing an attractive local and international tariffs in the Kingdom, the Visitors’ Line makes it easy for subscribers to stay in touch with their families and loved ones back home.


Help those in need..

With ever new Visitor's line 1 SAR will be given as a Charity for:

  • The Voice Of Down Syndrome Society
  • Charity Committee For Orphans Care

Other Details

  • First two International Minutes for FREE
  • First two International SMS for FREE


Packages & Data Rates:

Services type Local Calls Local & International SMS Data
Prices (SAR) 0.55 0.25 2 SAR/MB


 Data Over Voice Package:

Data Plan 500 MB 50 MB 250 MB 500 MB 1 GB 3 GB
Subscription Fee (SAR) 10 15 30 45 69 100
Validity One Day One Month
Activation code to be sent to 959 UD M50 M250 M500 M1 M3

 Send BC to 700212 by SMS to check the data balance.


 Content Services:

Service name Activation Code Deactivation code Code to be sent to Monthly Fee
Al Rasekhoun(service byShiekhAl Maghamsi) 2 u 2 708804 12 SAR
Shiekh Afasy 1 u 1 706306


Ring Back Tune" Sam3hom Service:

Tune Code Content Item Send The Tune Code To Monthly Fee
111746 AllahumBleghna Ramadan 1718 5 SAR
110690 AllahumEjaalAlquraan


 International Rates:

Country Rate (SR)
India, Bangladesh, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt 0.55
Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines 0.65
Yemen 0.75
Turkey, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan 0.99







General Information

Favorite International Numbers:
Register your first two favorite international numbers for free.

Registering Your Favorite International Numbers:

You can register your first two favorite international numbers for FREE by following these below steps:

Send the international number preceded by 00 or + and the country code to 712712.
Example:    00(Country Code)(Phone Number)    or    +(Country Code)(Phone Number)

Updating Your Registered International Numbers:

To update the first number, send 1(Space)00 or + (Country Code)(New Number)to 712712..
Example:    1 00(Country Code)(New Number)    or    1 +(Country Code)(Phone Number)

To update the second number, send 2(Space)00 or + (Country Code)(New Number)to 712712..
Example:    2 00(Country Code)(New Number)    or    2 +(Country Code)(Phone Number)

Internet Packages:
To subscribe to any of the available internet packages, kindly
click here.

BlackBerry Services:
To subscribe to any of the available BlackBerry services, kindly
click here.

Balance Transfer:
To find out about the balance transfer methodology, kindly
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Peak & Off-Peak Hours:

Peak Hours:              8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Off-Peak Hours:        8:00 PM – 8:00 AM

For more information, visits your nearest Zain shop, or call 959 from your Zain number or 0590000959 from other networks and landlines.



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