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ZSafe Application

What is ZSafe?
ZSafe offers complete peace of mind by protecting all your data on secure servers. This allows you to transfer all your data to any other device and to reclaim it in case your device is lost or ruined.

ZSafe features:
   -   Saving data in an encrypted format.
   -   Locking the device in case it gets lost.

There are four options to the customers to subscribe as below:
   1-   SAR 12 monthly for 500MB.
   2-   SAR 16 monthly for 1GB.
   3-   SAR 20 monthly for 2GB.
   4-   SAR 32 monthly for 4GB.

Supported Platform:
   -   Android.
    -   iOS.

How to subscribe\unsubscribe:
   -   To subscribe download the application from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Or visit:
   -   To unsubscribe send u1, u2, u3, or u4 to 709060.