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Zain Games Club

Zain Games Club Service… Never stop playing!

Presenting Zain Games Club, a unique service that allows customers to subscribe and get access to all the games in the Gaming Portal at convenient prices that suit every lifestyle.
What makes this Service especially innovative is the daily, weekly or monthly payment option that transforms the standard user experience into a gamer’s tailor-made dream subscription.

How to Subscribe:
1.    Visit from your mobile phone
2.    Send an SMS to 702468 with one of the following codes:
       a.    1 for a daily subscription
       b.    2 for a weekly subscription
       c.    3 for a monthly subscription


1.    You can cancel this Service through the home page
2.    Or send an SMS to 702468 with one of the following codes based on your subscription.
       a.   U 1 for daily subscriptions
       b.   U 2 for weekly subscriptions
       c.   U 3 for monthly subscriptions



Subscription Plan Price
Daily SAR 1
Weekly SAR 5
Monthly SAR 20