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Other Shabab Packages

Now with Zain new Shabab packages, enjoy more Calls, Data & Social. 

Plan Fee Local Min* Local SMS On-net Min Data Social Media** Validity Activation
59 59 SAR 250 Not Available Not Available 2 GB 5 GB 30 days send 59 to 959
130 130 SAR 500 500 Not Available 5 GB Unlimited 4 Weeks send 130 to 959
249 249 SAR 1000 1000 Unlimited 10 GB Unlimited 30 days send 249 to 959

*All 9200 & 800 numbers and other such services numbers are not included in the local minutes.
**Social media benefit (Twitter,Instegram,Snapchat,Facebook,WhatsApp,YouTube)
To check your plan benefits, send BC to 959

Plan Fee Local Min Local SMS Data + Validity Activation
40 40 SAR 100 100 1 GB Unlimited YouTub 1 Week Send 40 to 959


Package Fee Validity Local Minutes* Data + To subscribe send
Shabab 30 30 7 Days 100 1 GB “30” to 959
Shabab 110 110 SAR 4 Weeks 500 5 GB “Shabab” to 959
Shabab Nitro 249 SAR 30 Days 1000 10 GB “249” to 959

*All 9200 & 800 numbers and other such services numbers are not included in the local minutes.
** Unlimited YouTube usage is outside the data benefits.

 To check your benefits, send BC to 959.  


Regular Package Rates

If you’d rather not subscribe to the benefits, these are our regular rates: 
Our Services Rate (SAR)
All Local Calls 40 halalah
All Local & International SMS 40 halalah
Data 40 halalah



International Calling Rates:



Recharge and balance

To know how to recharge your line and to manage your balance, please visit recharge and balance page.

Line Validity 
In order to avoid line disconnection, the customer will have to do one of the following transactions 
at least once every 90 days: 
-   Placing calls
-   Sending SMS
-   Browsing the internet
-   Recharging with any amount
If the customer did not make one of the above transactions within the 90 days period, the line will be receiving calls only, and must be recharge within the period of 30 days to avoid termination.  
Validity rules apply on prepaid lines except Noor. 

For more information, visit your nearest Zain branch, or call 959 from your Zain number or 0590000959 from other networks and landlines.

*Prices include VAT