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Zain Postpaid Packages

349 Postpaid Package

All what you have ever dreamed about in a postpaid line, it comes with a free vanity number, along with free data roaming service and free international minutes.


Monthly Subscription SAR 349*

Free on-net minutes 


Free off-net minutes 

2000 minutes**

Free Data

100 GB 

Free Data Roaming

2 GB***

Free international minutes 


Data Multi-SIM New 2 SIM's (Monthly fee is SAR 10 per SIM)****

Bronze and Silver vanity number

*Does not include VAT
**All 9200 & 800 numbers and other such services numbers are not included in the local tariff rate.
***To enjoy data roaming, the customer has to activate the roaming service by calling 959 or 0590000959 or by visiting My Account.
****It provides the internet sharing benefit from the main data feature of the voice package up to 100 GB monthly.



Basic Package Prices
In case you consumed your package features, these are the basic package prices: 


Prices (SAR)

Voice calls/minute

35 Halalas

Local SMS/message

35 Halalas


35 Halalas

International Calling Rates:

Device Discount Plan:

  12-Month Contract 18-Month Contract 24-Month Contract
Cash Back Plan SAR 1,600 SAR 2,400 SAR 3,000
Subsidy Plan SAR 1,600 SAR 2,400 SAR 3,000
Cashback Plan: Customer will pay the full device price in advance, then will be receiving a monthly rebate in a form of direct discount for the contact period.
Subsidy Plan: Customer will be entitle for a direct discount on the device price  in return signing a commitment contract.


Balance Transfer:

You can easily Transfer your credit within Zain Postpaid Packages or from prepaid packages to Zain Postpaid Packages following below steps: 

Sending Party:
Send an SMS to 959 which contains the following:
BT → space → then the number you want to transfer to → space → Amount in Riyals 
For example: BT 0590000959 10

Receiving Party:
After receiving the confirmation SMS on the transferred amount, the receiver should send an SMS to 959 containing:
id → space →  ID / Iqama number 
For example: id 1000000000

-   Customers will be charged 50 Halalah per transfer transaction.
-   Preloaded balance can’t be transferred.
-   When credit is transferred a confirmation message will be sent to both parties (sender and the receiver). And note that the confirmation message will be sent to the receiver number contains the amount transferred and the sender number.
-   Any bonus credit cannot be transferred.




Minimum Amount per Transaction


Maximum Amount per Transaction

20 SAR

Maximum Amount per Day

250 SAR

Minimum Amount After transfer

25 SAR

Vanity number: 
vanity number which suites your desire.

Payment Channels: 
multiple payment channels to suit all desires and opportunity of decision link

For Balance Inquiry: 
send BC to 959

How to subscribe:

To subscribe to 349 package from your postpaid line, send M349 to 959


2 GB per month
With the new Zain postpaid bundles will enable you to enjoy the Internet while roaming, connect your friends and family to moments of joy via Facebook and snapchat and Instagram and much more to stay connected to the Internet in more than 80 countries.
To check the availability of roaming by country Please select from the following list:


To know more about roaming services, click here,

 For further information, please visit the nearest Zain branch or call 959 from any Zain line or on the number 0590000959 from any other network