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Business 180 package

The 180 SAR package designed to offer its subscribers all features and luxuries at the lowest rate, its gives you an instant discount equals to 1,100 SAR on all smart phones, in addition to free services every month. Giving them the freedom to communicate with all networks freely, anytime, anywhere!!

Package Benefits and Tariff:

Monthly Fee

180 SAR



Monthly Free Benefits

Free Minutes

On Net

Unlimited minutes

Off Net

500 minutes


20 minutes

Free Data

12 GB 

Data Roaming* 500 MB

Extra Benefits

Device discount/Cash-Back

1100 SAR



On Net

15 Halala

Off Net

30 Halala



25 Halala


50 Halala

Data (MB)

0.35 SAR/MB

* for the preferred destination only




Cost control for your business 

Zain has created the business packages to support business customers optimizing telecom bills, Zain business packages include the best data and voice packages in the market  

Best Data Package

Zain business packages allow you to use the best technologies and Zain 4G network with the most generous data packages in the market 

 International Calls Discount

In order to provide the best services with the lowest prices to stay connected with your loved ones, we provide international calls with the best prices in the market, with call tariff starts from 55 Halalas/minute depending on the country you are calling anywhere & anytime.

Hybrid Feature

With Zain business package, you have the choice of choosing your prepaid or postpaid wallet to use. This feature is like the cherry on top. It lets you make calls and send SMS by using a recharge amount. All you have to do is enter the code 9* before every number you dial so that the call or SMS is deducted from your prepaid balance.
Discount on Smart Phones
Zain has created this amazing offer to provide you with the latest in technology for less. You will be able to own your favorite phone for the best price.

*Promotion for limited time only.

How to Subscribe

Email :
hotline: 0580000062


•    With your Zain business hybrid lines, you can use your line as prepaid for your personal use.
•    Zain business customer can benefit from the prepaid wallet and use the best rates in the market after consuming the package bundle.
•    Using prepaid wallet Zain business customers can enjoy the below tariff:


(Tariff (SAR

Within the network

0.15/ Minute

On other networks

0.3/ Minute

Local SMS

0.25/ SMS

International calls

Starting from 0.55/ Minutes

International SMS

0.5/ SMS



•    Using prepaid wallet Zain business customers can use roaming starting from 1 SAR/min
•    Zain business customer can use the prepaid wallet after consuming the spending limit.
•    Zain business customer can top-up the prepaid wallet using *141* followed by the voucher number then #
•    Use Zain scratch cards that’s available in Zain shops and point of sales
•    You don’t need the iqama number to top-up your business prepaid credit
•    To check your remaining prepaid balance please use *142#
•    For more information, please call 14477

International Calling Rates

In order to provide the best services with the lowest prices to stay connected with your loved ones, select your preferred country from list below to know our prices : 

 Peak & Off-Peak Hours:
Peak Hours:              8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Off-Peak Hours:        8:00 PM – 8:00 AM


  • International bundle can be used to the following destinations: Egypt, Turkey, Nepal, Indonesia, India, Oman, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Yemen, Tunisia, Philippines, France, Sudan, Uganda, Bangladesh, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Jordan, Germany, Syria, Spain, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bahrain, USA, Qatar, and Kuwait.

*Prices do not include VAT